Snapping Turtle hatchlings emerging from their nest
Backyard Garden
Monarch Butterfly caterpillar
Coneflower seedheads
A Monarch Butterfly goes from blossom to blossom on our Swamp Milkweed plants.
Hybrid Hydrangea

A Spring Peeper on a Hydrangea leaf.
A small, but loud, Spring Peeper blends in with a Hydrangea leaf.
Fresh fallen snow covers our back yard.
Fresh fallen snow covers our back yard.
Blooming Ajuga
Blooming Ajuga creates a blue carpet for our cart flower pot.
Red Trillium
A Red Trillium flowering in our woods in early spring.
Honeybee on a Dandelion
Dandelions are an important early spring food source for many insects. This Honeybee is the first I’ve seen this year.
A smaller Snapping Turtle lays eggs
A smaller Snapping Turtle lays eggs just above the stone patio
Female Blue Dasher
A female Blue Dasher sits on a flowering sage in our garden.
An Eastern Gray Squirrel munching on an acorn.
Our patio and perennial gardens — an invitation to wildlife in the area.
A Red Fox just having killed a Gray Squirrel.
Black Bear tracks in our yard after a fresh morning snow this past December.